How can working affect society?

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Hello, I am reflective_artic_fox and I would like to discuss- How can working affect society?

Firstly, work can have many benefits, such as it is very good for industry. Here are some more reasons:


Although no one should be completely money-minded, it can be important, and instead of gambling, you can earn money which comes as a greater benefit, as you know that you have done something to give in return. However, not all industries and retail give enough money than what they deserve, and this can be one of the following options-

• Poverty

Some people might not simply be able to afford to pay for all the workers, and they would have to make-do with what they get;

• Laziness/doesn't bother

As well as that, a few people in life can be greedy and just want to benefit themselves, and won't pay people enough wages whether they can afford it or not;

• Too money-minded

On contrary, some might be scared if the workers go on strike and have to pay more, and they could just not want to lose money.

Earning money is much better than just getting it, as working can make less people poor, and it has a slightly positive impact on society. In addition, not all work is paid with money, but can be vouchers, or toys, or simply books.


Working can get you up and about, and in a generally good spirit. Furthermore, it sort of powers you up to get ready, and although sometimes boring, should benefit you. Knowing that you are going to help not only you, but probably your family as well, is quite a good feeling, that can get you not only good at working, which might give you more in return. It can also get you feeling upbeat overall. When you're in a good spirit, it can make more people around you also feel more spirited as well, and it can be very infectious. Things that can get you in a good spirit are below:

• A pleasant weather (it can sound silly, but the weather can have an impact on how people feel!);

• Everything turning out to be very positive;

• Working well.

In contrast, equally working can have negative impacts. An example would be the actual owners of the industry, and if they were prejudice to their workers. There are many things like this, but I will only highlight probably the most important one:


Often, working too hard can result in feeling tired and bad-tempered. This is often influenced by one main event that is not very pleasant. Stress can have a completely different impact on society. Imagine if the world was filled with constantly annoyed and stressful people. What sort of world would that be? Overall, stress is bad. If you go to work and get overworked, the result is not difficult to discover. The impact could be something that had happened already, such as:

• Failing at something e.g. job interview;

• Other people e.g. people making them feel embarrassed and isolated;

• Step-by-step misfortunes e.g. car not working properly.

No-one should be overworked, or resulted in intolerable events. Working can be good, but it also is a very dangerous thing to do. Some jobs involve things such as risking your life. These are things such as working in factories, going near contagious patients, and being in places where the poisonous fumes lurk. In short, the results of working depend on what sort it is. I think that work should be given equally, relying on how difficult and unpleasant the job can be, and how much it benefits. In some places, industries that aren't useful (such as tobacco) are being paid more, than some that are very good for the country. This proves that some people think that things that are the most poular or are very expensive are the best, and rarely consider the more conventional stores.

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