Is it better to work from home or abroad?

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Working; a lot of people do it. But is it better to work abroad or at home?

Working abroad means you travel places, although it contributes to climate change, if you go to a country/place where there are high Covid-19 cases, there are more chances or you catching it.

Working home mean you are at home, spending time with your family (sometimes) and no contribution to climate change (if you look at it one way.) But, it contributes to your electric bill and that doesn't help the envoirment.

Do you think that working home is better or working abroad?

You earn the same amount of money wherther you work home or abroad (I think).

But maybe, out there, robots are taking up all of the job spaces for people to take?

Computers cost a bit of money, but they are useful for work and looking up better word to replace basic words to improve your writing skills to get better outcome.

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    09 Nov 2020

    There won't be more robots and machines abroad compared to here, peaceful_raccoon, but the question of whether it's worth moving somewhere you prefer to live now that so many are working remotely is a good one. What do others think - in this new world of working via video-call, would you prefer to live and work abroad now that it is more possible?

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    1. Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
      Tom @ Topical Talk's comment 09 Nov 2020

      Hm, I think I would still work from home. Even though I think you work better (concentrate) when you are working win your office. But you can spend time with your family without being so far away from them (or wherever you work)

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  • 125223_ip_1.jpg EXPERT: Olga Artemjeva, Technology Strategy Manager @ KPMG
    09 Nov 2020

    Interesting points peaceful_raccoon ! I am not quite clear on how you link working from abroad to climate change - can you expand on this? I would also be interested in hearing your perspective on whether people, who can work remotely, could be more effective when working abroad?

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  • Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
    09 Nov 2020

    It's so people don't travel everywhere, like cars, busses and planes, they all contribute to climate change so it would be better working remotely, for you dint travel as much unless you need to travel. Although you can't concentrate as much, it isn't as effective towards climate change (or is it affective).

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    1. Hammond School logo peaceful_raccoon | Hammond Junior School B
      decisive_redcurrant's comment 16 Nov 2020

      yes but why do you think that decisive_recurrant?

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      1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
        peaceful_raccoon's comment 16 Nov 2020

        Hi there peaceful_raccoon sorry but I forgot to include why staying at home is better well here is my answer to your question!I think working at home is better because
        Firstly, because of the virus that is going round people are most likely to get the coronavirus because they are going to work and places like workshops and compounds tend to have lots of people going there.

        Secondly, some people might want to spend more time with there family because they might have a full time business or a job that takes really long. Some people might just want to have a day of and they will pay back what they miss and they'll do it the next day, but some jobs are not like that some jobs you have to work for around 48 hours and you can have no days of unless you are sick or something but if your sick your unlikely to not get paid that day.

        Thirdly, some people might be working abroad and just can't have the time to work all day but in some obs it by force to work for 48 or even more hours
        hope you agree with me peaceful_raccoon

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  • Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy | United Kingdom
    09 Nov 2020

    I think working from home would be better, especially now. Firstly, when you work at home you have more time with your family. Maybe the day is very busy so you don't have time to talk to them but looking at them also has the same effect because you know that they are healthy and safe. Secondly, you have a less probability of getting ill in your own country because you are adapted to the weather and place conditions. Now I would like to talk about choosing working abroad with no corona virus in existence. Firstly, the place you have been assigned to work at might just be your dream place; if not, you might find out that the place is much better than where you live and (if possible) you could move there. Secondly, in the modern world lots of technology has been invented so you could just video call or phone anyone you want to talk to whether it's you family, friends or manager. Lastly, if you have a job that is only for daytime then you can explore the new place you are in and think of it as a vacation when the day ends.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      wondrous_orca's comment 10 Nov 2020

      Well done, this a well thought-out comment with lots of good reasons to support your view. Can you be open-minded and give the other side of the argument?

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg serious_night | New Horizons Children's Academy
    10 Nov 2020

    Home because then u know there is nothing like a nice restaurant so if ur home u just sit on the sofa wear smart clothes and do the work if u was abroad u would wanna go out or miss work so that’s why it’s better todo it at home

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  • Hammond School logo joyous_thought | Hammond Junior School B
    10 Nov 2020

    in my opinion you should work from home but you could also be working abroad on a boat and be in a bubble with the people that work with you on the boat. But still i would work form home because i could catch covid and spred it in other contrys and if you were working from home you could use zoom to talk to the people at work.

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  • ethical_performance | Whyteleafe School E
    11 Nov 2020

    I think it would be better to work abroad because I could pick a country with a nice warm climate and enjoy the sun whilst I work. However, working abroad would also mean that I would miss seeing my friends.
    Although being abroad is great, working from home would be very good as well because I would be very cozy and I would not miss my friends. But I would prefer to work from abroad.

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  • approachable_strategy | Whyteleafe School E
    13 Nov 2020

    I would work from home because then I have my family, friends and better connection to the office. But at home I'm less likely to get COVID-19, I would also like to work abroad but home is safer.
    Abroad my internet won't be as good and I'll miss my friends and family. But on the plus side I could to a nice warm country and enjoy the sun! Maybe I could buy a nice cozy cottage and get used to the country.

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  • honorable_drum | Whyteleafe School E
    14 Nov 2020

    I think it is better to work from home because it is less likely of getting the coronavirus and you can have peace

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