Is it fair that people loose their jobs because of things closing, and how will this affect the future?


Hi I am accomplished_reality. Normally I would do a post considering both sides of the argument, but this is a bit one sided.

In my opinion, I do not think that this is fair that people loose their jobs because of things closing. Most people rely on pubs, restruants and companys' to gain their income, and some work at these places for a living. I think it is a fair comment to say that we all need jobs, and when people are forced to leave them and to find a new job (which isnt easy) this can mean that they do not get a new job, or for a while they don't have a job and are therefore struggling with money. Poverty is a problem in the UK, and this isn't really helping. It isn't fair that they have completely no choice, and also that they have no support or help trying to find a new job. Also, most young adults just starting out in the world of industry and work often take jobs like working in restruants or shops, and this means that these poor young adults are then struggling for money for the future. As it is students often have little money to spend, and when they start getting a job they still have little. So basically, we have confirmed that it is completely unfair that people should loose their jobs, but we still have two questions to solve. How will this affect their future and what is the solution to them loosing their jobs?

How will it affect their future?

It can change their future in many ways. First, they could potentially have not found another job, or they havent found one for a while and would have lost a lot of money while they were not working. They will then end up poorer in the future. Also, if someone lost their job, then managed to find one that wasnt quite as good, then they will have a lower income and make them poorer in the future and potentially not be able to afford luxuries such as holidays. For instance, If you had a salary of 500 pounds a week, but you lost your job, but managed to get a new job with a salary of 400 pounds a week, then you will have a lot of money. This may seem like a small thing, but could change their life completely.

What is the solution?

So, if im complaining about how unfair it is that everyone is losing jobs, then there must be a solution. So, the way I think the government should deal with it is to carry on giving some people money, but in reality, there is not really a sensible and financialy stable way of helping the people that have lost their jobs. The only other real way is to make sure that companys open up to try take in people who have lost their jobs.

Thank you for spending time reading my post, and I hope that everyone who has lost their jobs find a new one quickly.



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