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Hi, I am bright_drawing and I am going to be interviewing different people to see what they think about the future of work(Remote Working).

Hi there, I am Kemani James live with you at Roman road. Today I am here with Olivia Jenkins. Olivia here says that she is finding, that working at home is a new concept that she is embracing but finding it to be challenging. She finds working from home very isolated due to a lack of physical contact with colleagues. She says that there is always been frustration when the internet goes down. Olivia's positivity is that working from home gives a lot of flexibility. It is a learning process to learn technology. All in all, Olivia says she doesn't like or dislike working from home it is just about balancing and exploring.

I am here with Matthew Hunter. Matthew and I are going to see how remote working might help us in life. Matthew says that he likes remote working because he can spend a lot of time with his family and kids. Says the only doubt about working home is that my kids are a little bit fidgety. He says it could really help in the future because he can be more interactive with his children much more. He says he likes working from home because he can pick his kids up from school and go out with them a lot more. He personally likes working from home.

I bumped into Dora Mckay, she was very prestige and aggressive. Dora claims that it is very difficult since she has kids and her wifi is not the best. She likes how she could take naps and have long brakes. She very much dislikes the fact that you can not socialize with her colleagues. She did not say too much because she was heading back home to do work. That's it live from Roman road with the CEO Kemani James. Let's head back to the studio with Bradley Clinton and Stacey Chalkers.

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