My Final Piece - The Future Of Work

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Here's my final piece. Enjoy!

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Hello and welcome to today's news. Today we will cover one of the three predicted changes for the future of work. They are the gig economy, remote working and automation. The gig economy is the thought that people will not have just one full-time job but several different ones at different times. For example, if someone is a delivery man on Monday, then a cleaner on Tuesday morning and then work in a shop in the afternoon, this is an example of the gig economy. Remote working is the prediction that people will work from home, as many people already do. Automation is the guess that robots will replace people. The prognostication we'll focus on is remote working.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: These three foresights will create both problems and opportunities in the future of work. One of these problems will influence businesses. Many people would, on their way to work, pass by for coffee or their lunch giving the cafes and shops the money they need but with everyone at home staring at a screen, which will lead me on to the next problem, fewer people will pass by and buy their necessities. The next problem is that many people will struggle to fit in their daily exercise and may even forget to look away from the screen, so it doesn't damage their eyes. The opportunity is that parents can take care of their children and people will pay less on transport. Let's see whether people think remote working has more opportunities or problems!

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Hello, earlier you told me your name is Louisa, is that right?

Louisa: Yes.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: And your occupation is...

Louisa: Civil servant

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: What are your thoughts on remote working? Do you think it has more problems or opportunities?

Louisa: I would say more opportunities as people will be more productive seeing as they do not need to commute to work and also the flexibility is an option as you may be able to work at different hours and people who could not commit to a 9-5 job can work at home at any time which will diversify the workforce and the business you work for won't have to pay for the office and invest in stuff they need more.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Can you give me a problem with remote working?

Louisa: Mental health. Some people can't meet others, and the blurry boundary between work and life and the poor people can't switch off and cool down.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: That's interesting. Thank you for sharing with us; it has been a pleasure to have such an engaging conversation.

Louisa: The pleasure's mine.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Let's talk to someone else. Oh, hello. How are you? Can I have your name?

Ella: Hi, I am Ella, lovely to meet you.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: What do you work as?

Ella: I run a card shop in Liverpool street.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: What are your thoughts on remote working? Do you think it has more problems or opportunities?

Ella: I would say problems for me cause' people who like, worked in the offices would like, come by to like, you know, get leaving cards, birthday cards and so on for their colleagues. Now nobody comes.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Hmm... can you state any opportunities?

Ella: Welll... you don't need to wake up, and it's like, you know, better for the environment if you don't use like, the bus and that stuff.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Thank you for sharing.

Ella: You're welcome

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Now I'll be interviewing one last person before we head back to the studio. Hello, what is your name?

John Major: I'm John Major. Engineer. Probably London's best.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Ummm... Thank you?

John Major: Yeah. Thank you. So wadda ya want?!

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: I would like to ask whether you think remote working has more problems or opportunities.

John Major: Opportunities as you can spend more time with family. It guides you to work better as if you go to work you know you have the whole day to do what you need to do so you try to do it in that whereas at home you try to do it as well as imaginable but as quickly as possible! Also, there is the transport quandary. I used to pay over £100 a week to commute to work!

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Can you think of any problems?

John Major: Trust me, there are none.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Ok. Well, it was nice meeting you.

John Major: Obviously. I'm the best engineer in London.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: Welcome back. I am now in the studio ready to continue. Now many people will say the coronavirus pandemic has been a turning point for work because these three predictions have become less likely or more likely. Remote working has become a more likely prediction as to when lockdown hit, 60% of the Uk's adult population were working from home, and now 26% of the Uk's adults plan to continue working from home. The pandemic is probably considered a turning point by almost everyone in the world.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: This year has been a struggle for many, and this year the most successful were likely to have these four skills.

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving

These are needed because if, for example, you were a builder and your boss said that a specific building has a weak spot and you didn't listen you might just walk up to it and slap it to show the other builders that it is the building they are demolishing it will crumple you with a significant chance of death. Speaking is needed because if you knew about the weak spot and saw someone go close to it, you will need to shout " You can't go there! It's dangerous!". Next up is creativity. If you were to own a park and it was getting old, so you needed to renovate it, you would need creativity to imagine what you will put in the park and what it will look like and problem-solving is vital since you may not be able to get a particular swing or a specific basketball pitch you will need to solve this problem.

Willy Bobson Fryman the 3rd: That's all from me, but you can head over to the website to find out more! See you tomorrow. B-bye!

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