My Final Piece

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It is Bob reporting about the future of work around the world. In the world of work there are three predicted ways the future of work could go, gig economy, remote working or automation. The gig economy is where everyone does more than one job but the job's are smaller than normal. During the pandemic lot's of people have already been doing remote working, but what would you say if i said that there is a chance that in the future most people could still be doing remote working if they wanted to.

Robot's; robot's might be taken the role of human's in doing job's in the close future. If robot's do take over in the future what kind of job's will they do: Well robot's at the moment don't have any feeling's so they can't do the job of a theraeist but they can do the job of an factory worker and engineer.

Interview: Ok we have Robert Nango hear to ask him his opinion on the future of work.

Hello my name is Robert Nango and i think that we let robot's do all the work and then the goverment pay's everyone an equal amout of money.

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