My report - main changes for future of work

Hi, my name is jazzed_beaver and I will be talking about the future of work. Experts predict that there will be three main changes for the future of work: Gig economy, Remote working and Automation. I will be focusing on Remote working.

The problems that come with remote working are that if you have a bad internet connection, barely any battery, space issues etc, and you were on a call or zoom call, then you wouldn't be able to hear or see the other person and they wouldn't be able to hear or see you! On the other hand, it can create brilliant opportunities by meaning that if someone lived in somewhere far away - for example the other side of the country - then they could still do the job that they wanted to do because they can go online or on the internet and communicate by calls or texting each other.

Some people think that the pandemic is a turning point for the future of work because it means that most people have to work in different ways or in some cases, not even work at all! For remote working, the pandemic is definately a turning point because lots of people have to work at home and probably in the future, people would work like this anyway it's just it would take a long time. But because of the pandemic, lots of people have really quickly changed to working at home instead of actually going to their work place because they are forced to work at home and not go to work even if they wanted to.

For remote working, the skills speaking, listening, creativity and problem solving are important because on a zoom meeting, you would have to listen to what the other people (or person) are saying and you would have to speak. Problem solving is important because if you were a remote worker, then you would need to set up technology and do tasks using tech so that would be problem solving. Creativity would be important because you might need to make a power-point, have ideas, or explain your ideas remotely. For the future of work, you can argue that some of the skills are more important than others but my opinion is that really, they are all just as important as the others and that for remote working, it would be useful and important if you had all of these skills.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

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