Session six: Issue 2 final thoughts


Take your time to complete your news report and don't forget to submit it as a Final Piece post.


Think about your report and read some that belong to other Burnet News Club members.

  • Who would be interested in this news?
  • Who should know about this news?
  • Would reports about this Issue be best shown on the television, on the radio or somewhere else? Why?


BNC Skills 2020 Descriptions

Reflect on the skills you have used during this Issue.

  1. How did you use each of the news-literacy skills during this Issue: speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity?
  2. Which of these skills is the most important for the workplace? Why?
  3. Is there one skill that will become more important in the future of work? Why?
  4. What are the most important bits to communicate to someone about the future of work?
  5. How have you changed your mind about the future of work throughout the Issue?
  6. What What might be successful in the future of work, but isn’t guaranteed to succeed?

Final thoughts

Let us, and other Burnet News Club members, know what you have learnt during this Issue in the comments below.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg unique_tiger | Michael Faraday School
    04 Dec 2020

    I have learnt that work is not something that is always boring. It is something that you can do in the future for fun or as a dream. I have also learnt that you sometimes have to do a job that maybe you don't want or a job that might give you less money or maybe your dream job is that you have to be on the other side of the world.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg involved_grapefruit | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    07 Dec 2020

    Hi there! Last night me and Upbeat_Acorn made a joint post. However, theirs received a star and got on 'the issue'. Mine got deleted and i received no credit. I understand that maybe, you don't want two of the same posts on this website. All i am asking is that mine is restored and back on my account, and i get the credit too. Thankyou for understanding, Involved_Grapefuit

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      involved_grapefruit's comment 07 Dec 2020

      Hi involved_grapefruit, on this occasion the post you worked on together didn't quite get a star - and because it had both of your names on it, we only published it once. If anyone reads the post they will see your name too so don't worry, you'll get credit for your great ideas. If you would like to try to earn a star together, try to create a post topic about work which is completely different to the others. You could get going by doing a little bit of research about what's happening on the news. I hope this helps!

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      1. Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg involved_grapefruit | Birchwood C of E Primary School
        Katie @ Topical Talk's comment 07 Dec 2020

        Hi Katie! I will do another post today that hasn't been spoken about yet (hopefully!). Thankyou for your time.

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg splendid_donkey | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School
    08 Dec 2020

    Hello there I have just submitted my report and I carnt wait for you to see it.

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    1. Maudene-logo-250x250.jpg noble_honeydew | Maundene School
      splendid_donkey's comment 15 Dec 2020

      Hello splendid_donkey
      I look forward to reading and commenting on your post after it has been approved.
      I bet it will be full with knowledge and fantastic ideas!

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  • Maudene-logo-250x250.jpg noble_honeydew | Maundene School
    15 Dec 2020

    Hi My name is noble_honeydew and i
    I have discovered that work is something you have to enjoy and just remember unique tiger, who your doing it for. If you are doing it for your charity or if your doing it for your family. That is what matters most not if its boring, yes it is important that you are not miserable but think of how that could cheer someone up or even save there lives so just remember that. thank you for taking your time to read my post and thank you Olivia for showing a very descriptive well demonstrated layout.
    Thank you for your time, From

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg comfortable_chemistry | Michael Faraday School
    16 Dec 2020

    1) I used speaking as a way to show my opinions and inform fellow members about news they might've not heard yet. I used listening to consider other people's opinions, then providing my own insight to challenge their idea. Problem solving was used during the final piece, when I had to think of how we could solve the gig economy's problems in the future. I used creativity when writing posts to make sure they were new and different topics to spark more conversation.
    2) They are all equally important in the workplace because they ensure everyone's needs are met through exchanging knowledge and experience. In order to have a happy and organised work environment, each of these skills should be practised regularly.
    3) Problem solving will be become more important in the future of work. This is because we need to be cautious and ready for any difficulties that come our way. The pandemic is a good example of how industries used problem solving to continue daily life in accordance with government rules to keep us safe.
    4) evidence is the most important because you can't invalidate facts but you can counter argument opinions.
    5) Throughout the issue, I've changed my mind about the thought of technology being a efficient, cheap and good way for companies to replace their workers. But the more I thought into it, what would happen to those workers? being fired from the only job that has a stable pay to provide for themselves or their family and not having enough money to be able to pay the bills or to buy daily essentials. They would be in a serious state of despair.
    6) I think automation might be successful in the future of work. Although automation is already successful it might hold major errors which could decline the popularity within automation. Take the tesla Model 3 sedan as an example. On the 1st of March 2019 the model 3 crashed into a truck killing its driver it also had its autopilot semi-autonomous feature engaged at the scene of the crash. This shows that automation shouldn't be heavily relied on and it can hold major errors which can cause injuries and even death.

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