Should people work permanently, or simply part-time?

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Hello, our names are reflective_ artic_fox, and protective_dusk. In this post we will talk on the basic parts of jobs and how long people should work, from different views. We hope that you like our post!

Part-time Benefits:

When working part-time, you can access privileges, and can switch between your career, giving you some more authority. It can also be less stressful, with not too much work to do. As soon as you have completed one job, then you will be able to move onto the next, or start trying to get into a new business. This can also ensure that there is less clatter, and not too much workers and not enough jobs.

Part-time Disadvantages:

On contrary, working part-time would get you much less money, and can be quite expensive for business owners. Additionally, you would probably have more of a chance of getting ejected if working part-time than permanent due to cost. Working part-time could also make things hectic, but not stressful, since you might have many places to be and try to pass your interviews for different jobs you will try to take next. Also, there could be an extremely long wait between the job you left, and the one you will take, which could cut basic needs short.

Permanent Benefits:

Working permanently means that you have to stick to your current job mostly, but also will get paid more. This can be very successful, as you aren't so expensive for the owners, and you yourself earn more. You will also be able to be more gregarious with other people, as you know that there is much a lesser chance of you having to leave, unless current things occur. As well as that, you can have a job that you know it would probably never be a long wait, providing you lose your job but continue to work permanently.

Permanent Disadvantages:

However, when working permanently, people have to work quite hard, and stress could eventually take over. Sometimes when you are working permanently working in a job, you dont seee the complete picture from another point of view. or example, a binman or binwomen, then you would probably not experienced what a train driver or plumber's job is, and without that variety, you would probably get bored. Additionally, working permanently can become quite unusual after working part-time for most of the time, if you have.

Those are our views on the advantages and drawbacks of each, and here is our summary and final decision.


Overall, I think that working part-time is actually better than permanently. My main reason for this is that many people are just simply overdoing it when working permanently, and aso it misses out on other jobs, unless you have to. Working part-time, however, does still have its disadvantages. Most of these are met in contrast to the ones for permanently, but one that stood out differently was the point about having variety in jobs. You may just have been focused on one, but there's always a different way, and most jobs that are classified as "different" are actually linked. Part-time working also reduces stress, and in my opinion, one of the key things about working is enjoying what you do. Although there is a bigger chance of being a strain on the owners than permanently, I think that it should have actually been the original job. So, overall, we think that working part-time is a better way to work than working permanently.

Thank you for reading our post, and we hope to see your opinions on it soon!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    26 Nov 2020

    A really interesting post which shows excellent problem-solving - you have clearly weighed up lots and pros and cons. Tomorrow. Claire should reply to your post - she works part time for the Burnet News Club as she is a freelancer. It would be great to hear what she thinks and if she agrees with your assessment!

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      1. balloon.png Claire @ Topical Talk
        reflective_artic_fox's comment 27 Nov 2020

        Hi reflective_ artic_fox and protective_dusk

        Thanks for your detailed post, I can see you’ve put a lot of thought into the benefits and disadvantages of different types of employment!

        As Olivia mentioned, I work as a freelance graphic designer. I work for the Burnet News Club two days a week, and for the rest of the week I work for other companies. I absolutely love it for the reason you pointed out - the variety! I get to work for all sorts of companies and do lots of different types of design. I never get bored and I’m always learning and developing my skills.

        While I prefer working part-time, there are definitely a lot of challenges that people who work permanently don’t need to worry about.

        For example:

        - Even though my job is a graphic designer, I’m really running my own business so I have to take on all the roles that running a business usually involves. For example: if I worked in a big company and my laptop broke, then I would just ask the IT department for a new one, but as I work for myself it is up to me to either fix the laptop or pay for a new one. I also have to deal with all the tax and invoices, which is not my favourite thing to do!
        - If you work permanently, companies often offer “perks” to their employees that I don’t get as a part-time employee. For example: some companies offer discounted travel cards or gym memberships or extra payments towards a pension. A lot of people like being permanent for these perks.
        - But one of the biggest challenges is that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid! This means if I take a holiday or if I am sick then I don’t get paid during that time while permanent employees do. It’s the same for public holidays - if you think about how Christmas Day is on a Friday this year - permanent employees get paid the same amount of money each month whether there are public holidays or not, but I won’t get paid for Christmas Day even though all the offices are closed.

        Despite these challenges, I still love being a freelance designer. I like that I have the freedom to pick and choose the jobs I want to do and work with a lot of different people (like the BNC team!).

        Now that I’ve added my thoughts about some of the challenges of being part-time, does this change your mind at all?

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  • trusting_dragonfly | Whyteleafe School E
    27 Nov 2020

    Wow this was a very detailed post and I really enjoyed reading it!
    My opinion:
    I think people should work part time because it is better for there wellbeing and they can have family time as well as earning money. But people could work full time because then they could get money to spend it on nice things.

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    30 Nov 2020

    How can you manage to write a post together??

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      decisive_redcurrant's comment 30 Nov 2020

      There's two options:
      1) Do it from one of your accounts but at the bottom make it clear who the other person is, and we'll add them as a co-author
      2) Ask your teacher to do it from their account and they can add you as joint authors.

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  • Harriet-Website_1000x1000.jpg Harriet @ Topical Talk
    30 Nov 2020

    Hi reflective_artic_fox and protective_dusk!

    Thank you for a really interesting post. I also work at The Burnet News Club but unlike Claire my job is permanent and full-time. This means I work there five days a week. I prefer working full-time because it means I feel secure in my job and I know exactly the hours I need to work each week. I like to be organised and working full-time structures my week and gives my life some stability. Full-time work also means I know how much I will get paid each month. This means I know I will be able to pay my rent and I can even sometimes put money aside for nice things, such as holidays or Christmas presents!

    Working full-time at an organisation can also provide you with more opportunities to get a promotion and often employers will pay for training courses to help employees learn new skills. I like learning new things so I enjoy the benefits of this!

    However, there are some disadvantages to working full-time. I don’t have as much freedom as Claire and I don’t get to learn about other companies and their ways of working. Like you mentioned, I can’t easily switch between jobs which means my work can sometimes feel a bit repetitive. Despite these challenges, I really love my job at The Burnet News Club and working full-time is perfect for me. My job is varied and I get to work on lots of different exciting projects.

    After hearing about mine and Claire’s experiences, I wonder which you would prefer?

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  • Pinner logo humorous_queen | Pinner High School
    30 Nov 2020

    Hi! This was a very descriptive post to read and it was very informative. In my opinion I think that the choice of working permanently or part time depends on what type of job that you have. If you have a job which is something like fixing things or building things, then the more obvious choice would be to go to part time so that you can switch up the person which you are working for and you can help more people and be paid by a lot of people. If you are in a company with a lot of job stability and maybe an annual pay, or positions which you can work your way up in the chain of command then a better choice would be to go onto a permanent role. Though as you described, there are both advantages and disadvantages of both types and the final decision is just up to the worker and what fits best for them.

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  • consistent_cliff | Whyteleafe School E
    01 Dec 2020

    I think most people would chose to work part time if they could earn enough money to live happily and provide all they need. Working part time means you get more time with your family and can enjoy your life. However, unless you already have money or earn lots working part time or live with a partner who also works, in a country like England this choice is not always possible as renting or buying a home is very expensive especially on a part time wage. I think when I get older I would want to work permanently as I want to be a teacher and I don't think working part time would pay for a home, car or having spare money for going out.

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  • Preston Manor School mirthful_rainforest | Preston Manor School
    02 Dec 2020

    Hi Mirthful_rainforest here!This is my opinion on if it’s better to work part time or full time.Down below is my opinion.

    My opinion:

    First off I would like to say that this was an amazing post and it really opened my eyes on whether it’s better to have a part time job or a full time one.So in my opinion I think it’s better to work part time.The reason I think this is because of many pros I have listed down.The pros to having a part time job to a full time one is much more higher.So what are the pros you may think?The pros to having a part time job are:You can quit if the job is not to your liking,Even if you can’t quit the job as soon as you would like you can choose what time you’re available which means you don’t have to stress out if you know what time you have to go to work,You can be any age however with some full time jobs they require a certain age and you still get a decent amount money even if you’re not working a lot of hours.

    However I feel like some people prefer a full time job.It could be because they get more money from the job or because they know what job they want to do.So for some a full time job is a more suitable for them but for others it’s inconvenient or they still don’t know what job they want to do.So I don’t think we should necessarily choose which is better but I think we could suggest what is better to the person.I think this because I think it depends on the whole situation they’re in and what they think is best for them and not what others think they should do.But of course they could suggest but they can’t choose what you do.

    So in conclusion I think it depends on the situation as a whole nevertheless I think in my opinion that it’s better to have a part time job because it’s a good start into getting a job and you will still get a good amount of money and if you don’t know what job you want to do you could get a part time job for a starting point.So a part time job is quite flexible and I think it’s better but it’s always up to the person.

    Thank you for reading my comment.I hope it introduced a new view on this subject.Thank you again and if you have any questions please reply to my comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.I hope you have a good day/evening/night! :D

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      mirthful_rainforest's comment 03 Dec 2020

      An answer full of reasons, thank you! You've noticed that some working patterns are better for some but not good for others.

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  • Hammond School logo reliable_cello | Hammond Junior School D
    03 Dec 2020

    Amazing post! But you can also be self-employed and make people work for you.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg friendly_kiwifruit | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
    03 Dec 2020

    I would rather work part time because some may think that it is a flexible job type. If someone were to work permanently they would not really have time to see what jobs they could rather do and if you got fired you would not have another job to do.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      friendly_kiwifruit's comment 03 Dec 2020

      This is a really good point - sometimes people find themselves in full-time work and don't have the time and space to think about what else there is!

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School willing_cymbals | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    I agree as you don’t get the experienced of different jobs when working full time so you may not know what to do in the future. Full time jobs although stressful give you a lot more money but when working part time you could save up your money for when you do quit your current job and are on the look.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      terrific_cymbals's comment 04 Dec 2020

      Can you explain why?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School forceful_moose | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    I think the should work permanently to give the economy a boost

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  • Allerton-logo-250x250.jpg reasoning_honeydew | Allerton High School
    06 Dec 2020

    Wow! This is a brilliant post reflective_arctic_fox and protective_dusk, as it your views were very interesting as I had never really thought about this subject before. Personally, I would rather have a part-time job, but for slightly different reasons that you stated. Firstly, a part-time job allows you to be much more flexible with your time which can be especially helpful for people that have other important things to do in their day. However, having a part-time job does not mean you have an easier job, nor does it mean that you are not working as hard as someone with a permanent (full-time) job. A lot of part-time jobs do tend to be less important, lower-paying jobs, but a lot of important jobs are part-time jobs that you probably didn’t know were.
    Like I said before, having a part-time job means that you have more flexibility with working hours, but also, some people prefer to not be working for the full day, and some people need to have a part-time job as they have something else to do during the rest of the day (e.g. school, university, other full-time job). On the flip side, people who have a full-time job want to work all day if it something they really enjoy doing, or if they want to because it is a very well-paying job.
    In agreement to what you said about the benefits of full-time jobs, people who have full-time jobs may feel a stronger sense of security in their job than someone with a part-time job, as in some cases part-time jobs are only temporary until you need to find another job to earn more money for new expenses.
    In conclusion, I think that having a full-time job is not better than having a part-time job, and having a part-time job is not better than having a full-time job. I think this because both types of jobs are often to fit a person’s lifestyle and their preferences. So, some people will prefer a full-time job because it is better for them, but someone with a part-time job doesn’t want a full-time job as it doesn’t give them the flexibility that they need. Thank you for the amazing post!

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      reasoning_honeydew's comment 07 Dec 2020

      Well done for thinking about different perspectives in your response, reasoning_honeydew. I have awarded you with a star as you have shown great listening and problem-solving skills.

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  • cherished_photograph | Whyteleafe School E
    08 Dec 2020

    Some people need to work part time because they have children and it suits their lifestyles.

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  • Hammond School logo active_guava | Hammond Junior School A
    09 Dec 2020

    Hi active_guava here,
    This was such a great post, but have you considered the consequences of staying at home

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  • Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg accomplished_reality | Faringdon Community College
    10 Dec 2020

    Hi reasoning_honeydew. I like your thinking and how you would prefer to work part time as it is a "more flexible job". However, most of the time, I don't think people have a choice. Poorer families might not be able to afford to work half-time no matter how much they want to. Everyone would prefer to work half-time as it is so much easier, but this is not possible for a lot of people. Even if you are not poor, you would quite often work a full time job. I just thought that this would be a good point to make.

    I think having a "flexible job" would be useful, you could have time off when you want to go on holiday (obviously you can't just go on millions of holidays and never even work though), and it would be so much easier. Full-time jobs would mean you work longer hours, but you do get a lot higher pay and as you said reasoning_honeydew, you would feel closer to colleagues. However, on conclusion, part-time jobs would be easier, but have a lower pay meaning lots of people might not be able to afford to have a part-time job as they need more income to run the household.


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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ Topical Talk
      accomplished_reality's comment 11 Dec 2020

      Are people who do part-time jobs always paid less than someone who does a full-time job? For example, do you think a part-time company director would be paid less than a full-time gardener?

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  • Hammond School logo hopeful_deer | Hammond Junior School C
    11 Dec 2020

    You made a vert good post reflective_artic_fix and protective_dusk it tell us a lot about burnet new club thank for read my comment

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  • Hammond School logo involved_reindeer | Hammond Junior School D
    15 Dec 2020

    wow, this is really detailed.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg fearless_crab | Boutcher C of E Primary School
    16 Dec 2020

    Hi it's fearless_crab,
    In my opinion I think people should be working from home if they can because we are in a horrible pandemic and we need people to sty safe and so there are less death's because if there are less then maybe the pandemic will end a bit quicker.
    I also think is a good idea to work from home because then we have less people going out which means less covid-19 deaths. There has also been a lot of deaths because everyone is going out and seeing eachother when we shouldn't be . Maybe soon we could start to see people it also affects work because you can't really go there because you are not aloud to go out as much.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      fearless_crab's comment 16 Dec 2020

      Have you had personal experience of a family member working from home? If so, have you liked having them around more?

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  • global-conversation.png chatty_wolverine | Rhemaville Christian Academy | Nigeria
    26 Apr 2021

    I think it depends on the individual really, because some people can handle full time jobs because they don't have other priorities and concerns to think about. While on the other hand working part-time can have a more sentimental approach when considering family and relatives. Either way working full time or part time is completely up to the individual. But in the case of the pandemic, working at home would be the best alternative.

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