Should Premier League footballers be paid less money.

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Premier League footballers and other footballers across the world get paid lots of money. But do you think that they earn too much? What do you think?

Yes, they are paid too much.

They are paid too much as no-one would need that amout of money and usually as they don't know what to do with the money so they spend it on alcohol or drugs. Also they were born with the skill so they did nothing to earn it. They may of well ignored the school years as you don't need education to be a footballer. Other people work just as hard and it is not like professional footballers are saving other people's lives like what doctors and many other jobs do.

No, they should keep the wages like they are.

No they should keep the wages like they are as they are hugely talented players and they have seen off players from all around the globe so they deserve it. The Premier League needs to attract the best players from everywhere as the public receives so much joy watching professional footballers play football. Finally, being a professional league footballer is an extremely pressured job so they need support through it and the money needs to be worth it.

My opinion.

Well I agree with both sides. I think they do get paid a lot of money for it so they should push the money down a bit. They are pressured so much that they make mistakes and they need to have a good background life as well. The Premier League is the "Home of British Football" so if the players feel they are not respected enough then football will die out here. My final point is that sport will go down in popularity if they know they only get paid as much as a teacher's salary so fewer people at home will be inspired to play sports then people will get fatter and fatter.



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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School | United Kingdom
    16 Nov 2020

    Hi there storytelling_king this was a really good post keep t up!!!

    Well I think it quite stupid that they are paying premier league footballers around £25,000,000 for just running around on a pitch and kicking a football.
    Some jobs like surgeons should be paid more because they have to be very careful when operate someone even if they make the slightest mistake the person could die how much more a footballer.
    An average salary for a surgeon to get paid an annum(year) is £72,840 ina year but Footballer get paid over 5 million a year.
    So i think footballers should only get paid like £50,000 a year to be fair and surgeon should get paid around £800,000 a year.
    Thank you for this post ]

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  • 327379P_LThumb.jpg EXPERT: Charlie Dyos Hunter Communications Analyst @ Bank of England
    19 Nov 2020

    Hi there, well done for starting an interesting discussion! Wider than football, it might be worth having a thinking about why some jobs are paid more than others. We have also been thinking about this at the Bank of England, and published some thoughts which might help. Have a look here:

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  • Ditton Logo fierce_physics | Ditton Primary School D
    20 Nov 2020

    i think they should not be getting like 4 million but i still think they should still get a lot of money because the clubs have merch and if they go up a division they get paid a lot of money and also because the sponsors. That is only my poinion.

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  • Hammond School logo adventurous_beaver | Hammond Junior School D
    21 Nov 2020

    I think they get paid too much, football isn't really that important, doctors work way harder but they get paid less, doctors also work a lot more. This isn't really fair in my opinion, I think they should swap round the salary of doctors and footballers. Also, what could anyone do with that much money.

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  • ethical_performance | Whyteleafe School E
    22 Nov 2020

    I think football players should have their salary dropped down a bit and use that salary cut to help beneficial causes. Although showing their amazing skill to others and entertaining the world is great, other jobs are also very important and show the same amount of value or more. Jobs such as: surgeons, doctors, nurses, YouTubers, pilots, police, etc. . While all the people working in these jobs are trying their hardest to do something incredible for us, football players are earning a much bigger salary. Yes, the footballers amazing abilities are always satisfying, but what do they do to help us? Marcus Rashford's free school meals campaign was very caring and generous. Perhaps other footballers ought to consider how to use their titanic salaries to help the community and the planet.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      ethical_performance's comment 23 Nov 2020

      A good example of speaking up, ethical_performance! Who's responsibility is it to change the system - the players or the clubs, or the government, or the public?

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  • Hammond School logo blissful_effort | Hammond Junior School A
    26 Nov 2020

    I don't know who but they were the second highest paid person in the premier league and they didn't even play they were on the bench the whole time. They got paid 250,000 a week and didn't do anything to earn it.

    Thanks blissful_effort

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  • selfassured_robin | Whyteleafe School C
    30 Nov 2020

    I think footballers shall not be paid less. I think that if they do pay them less then they wouldn't play as well but if they do get paid less than the football team will get more money. if the players do get paid less then they would probably not play as well. Its most likely that they would move to another team which can pay what they want to be paid. But i do get that it is a bit rubbish paying players about 3 million a year and they are just sitting o the bench the whole time!

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School compelling_contribution | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    04 Dec 2020

    I don’t think they should even be playing in this pandemic.

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