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Hello I am articulate_concept and I'm going to be talking about the future of work but I will be mostly talking about the gig economy. The gig economy is good in my opinion; you can work any time and any hour of the day! But it might not be here in the furture because automation.

This might be a problem for people because people will loose thier job and not get enough money to survive; covid-19 might be still here to. But people might make new jobs for higher pay and will be easy for workers to get the job because they might be already trained for it.

Some people may think the pandemic is a turning point for work because lots of work places are bussier than every or they had to close due to covid-19.This might affect the gig economy diffrently; Natasha for instance she had to close her shop because she thought it was too much and Ilhan who had to work hour after our to feed people.

Listening, speaking , Problem solving and creativity are important for workers to have because they help solve the problem in their business so they can be smoother and they can have more things to offer fot the commpany

Thank you for listening, articulate_concept

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