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Hello my name is delightful_chicken, I am reporting the future of work. There are three predictions, gig economy, remote working and automatio. Remote working is one of the things that people might find easier, as you are working from home and because you don't have to move around as much. In remote working, you work from home on a computer, doing everything online.

Remore working also has problems and opportunitie. The problems are that as you are at home and spending more time there, means th your bills will change and go up and then you are going to be paying more and more each time. The opportunities, in the other hand, lets you spend more time with your famelie and you can have home made food, which is much healthier.

Some people's work has had to change because of the pandemic, but has also opened opportunities for other jobs. The pandemic has affected some of the predictions, like gig economy which you have to work by hand, which has also affected people loosing jobs. It has also been difficult for people to find jobs as the pandemic has tacken most of them away.

For the remote working, listening and problem solving are the most important as you are working somewhere else and not where you usually are. They are also important because if something goes wrong or you haven't listned to instructions correctly then you have to be a problem solver to solve your problem and for next time make sure that you listen carefully.

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