The future of work

Hello my name is Kay. I work for the Moon Daily and this is my piece about the future of work.

Due to the pandemic, the world of work is continuously changing and the gig economy, remote working and automation have increased widely. This has been used much more regularly to stop the infection from expanding.

What is the gig economy, remote working and automation?

The gig economy is one society that has a lot of different jobs for different people.

Automation is when artificial intelligence (robots) will replace jobs that were done by people or will help other people with difficult jobs that need more support.

Remote working is just working from your home. Many people were forced to do this to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

More about remote working in lockdown

People that had to remote work were said to be more depressed as they were living in lockdown and maybe staring at a screen for to long would give people bad eyesight. Even though remote working had a negitive impact it also had a positive impact such as people working from home could spend more time with their family and because people had to stay at home there was alot less cars on the road ,which means that we weren't polluting our planet as much as we used to before covid-19.

What was the impact of the pandemic?

Most people were working from home during the pandemic and some continued to work from home as lockdown progressed. Businesses let their staff members stay at home and work because they were using their own electricity and other household devices, which would cost the company lots of money.

The future skills needed for work

I personally think that the future skills for work would be, to be more flexible and independent because if people were more flexible, when it comes to work, people wouldn’t mind if they had to change their shifts. People would also need to be more self-motivated because in the future I don't think that many head staff members of big companies would want to tell their colleages to do their job well.

Thank you for reading :)

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