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Hi there my name is Melinda Purcher and I'm a journalist, I work for Burnet News foundation. If you need anymore infornation please visit

My first citizen with me now is Rose wilson and she surely has a lot to say!! Let's take it to her.

Could you tell us about yourself?

"Greeting all Amerians, my name is Rose Wilson and I'm 32 years old. "I'm also known for being one of the most successful and the richest women in the world, owning over 10 million dollars." I own the company (MPE) which means mathmatical potential economy." That all I think you need to know about me."

Now here are 3 predicted changes for the world of future- Gig economy, Automation and Remote Working.

These are all type of work but in different forms and I have a couple of questions to ask you Rose.

Choose 1 of those 3 predicted changes (Gig economgy, Automation and Remote working) and explain what it means?

"Well I think that Automation is very key in life. Automation is basically when the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.” We define automation as "the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services."

wow what an amazing defention you gave us thank you very much. Our next question for you Rose will be

How might Automation create problem in the future??

"This is a very valid question and here are some of my opinions!"

"Automation is very good for us- and one of the main thing lots of people have started to speak about is robots.

"Robots are a huge type of automation and has already started working in some parts of the world but some of these things are bad, let me sumarise a few point why it might be bad and create problems in the futrue.

"1. They might not be that useful." "Now some automated things might not be useful because maybe the world doesn't need it or that it's poor quality and no one wants to use it."

"2. People might end up losing their jobs because people could create such things like robots,machines to work in a buisness and that space that the human employment want might of already been taken by a automated object or thing for ex.

"3.In terms of safety, the can not correct themselves and they don't have the sense to do somethings." "Some robots might not be programmed to do things for example like a teacher, Robots might not be ablle to teach the students well because for example they might not be able to teach like Arcs, sectors and segments and the students might be taught the wrong thing. For example an automated train if someone stopped in the train rack, the train would probably think that there no one there and It will keep on going and then before you know it it will be a huge problem.

"That is why I think that automated things/objects might cause problems in the world."

Great explanation there Rose, Now we just have one more question to ask you.

How might Automation create changes in the furture??

"Well Ooo that a really good question." "I think that Automation will create some changes in the future such as;

"1. It will help others find better jobs then they already have Because if that job that there doing doesn't give them lot of money then they can find a better jobs that give them more money.

"2. It could also help others to spend more time with there familys because if they have to work night shift or somethongs that you cannot be able to to see your family it an opportunity for you to be able to meet them then.

"3. You can relax and enjoy your time at work, and also you can also work at home and do things such as

  • zoom classes
  • help out your family
    • spend more times doing things that you don't get to do rarely
  • enjoy your time

Wow that was a splendid Piece of information, thank you very much Rose for meeting us today we are pleased to meet you. Byeee have a lovely day!! "byeeee."

Now our next citizen is named Sir James Butcher, How are you today James.

"I'm fine thank you, so let get started!"

Now our first question for you is

why do some people think that the pandemic is a turning point for the future of work??

"Wow hard question, Well I believe that the reason why some poeple might think that the coronavirus is a turning point for work might because;

"1. Work, people have not been able to go and work at there compound/office because maybe there job has closed down or that the place were they wrok have temporarily shut down because they don't want anyone in there to catch the virus there.

"2. Movement, people have not been able to get to places and to meet people because maybe the 2 metre distance rule or because of the rule of 6 or even more rules . I find both rules suitable because without such rule I think that there would be more cases and deaths reported because people will not be following those rule and they probably will be like mixing up together and if 1 of them have the symptoms of covid and they could end up giving someone the virus which can have a serious impact on the other person."

wow that was really good sir next questions!

How might the pandemic affect automation??

"Well I don't really think that the coronavirus has affect automation that much but I have a few points why it might.

"1.People might not be able to come and repair the automated machine because they might have to stay at home due to the virus." "Because maybe they not be allowed to go to there work place because maybe there in lockdown or that there workplace has closed down and only certain people can go there."

"2. The buisness will be more doifficult to run because People can not go and check up on there machines or even vistit there work place.

"3.Even with Callum(from seesion you could see that he had to start working from home because he coudn't go and visit people to hear what they think because then the 2 metre rule came in so he porobably had to start doing zoom meeting or writing a letter to them.

That was a brilliant speech final questions

What skills (listening,speaking,problem solving and creativity is important for workers to have?

"In the world I think that speaking is very crucial for workers. The reasons why I think this is because when you speak you can pull out all your thoughts, You can tell other what you think about something." "Speaking is very good for you as it allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible." "Also Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market." " This is why I think speaking is the main skill needed for workers to have

Last but not lest here our final question!

What skill is important for the future of work and why is it important?

"To conclude everythink I've said I honestly just think that speaking is the best skill for the future because without speaking how can you prblem soilve without speaking how can you tell others what you think." "Speaking is very good for us and I think is needed to be added to the future."

"Now I have to go for my appoitment but thank you for your time spent reading my opinions thank you.! byee"

Byeee james. Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! But what do you think??

My name is Melinda Purcher and this is my post for you all, If you have any question please visit for more information :-)


Have a lovely day!

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