The future predictions of work.

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Hello my name is Scott McCarley. I am 32 years old. I will be discussing about the future of work and what people predict might happen.

All the predicted changes for the future of work are:

  • Gig economy
  • Automation
  • Remote working

First, let me explain what automation is. Automation is where people dont work for certain jobs. Instead, artificial intelligence (robots) do those jobs instead of humans. The jobs artificial intelligence can replace include telemarketing, librarian and a receptionist.

Remote working is another predicted change of the future. Remote working is working from home using a device for example a laptop, computer, mobile and a tablet. Remote working has also been happening alot recently because of coronavirus. People who work in an office would probably like this because it includes less travelling.

Last, lets talk about the gig economy. The gig economy is one of the three predicted changes of work. It is working more than one job a day but you can decide when you can take a break and what time you work. Being a gig worker is technically being a temporary worker for a job. Some of those types of jobs include being a shop assistant or a cashier.

Although there are many positive things about automation, remote working and the gig economy, there are also many negative stuff about it.

If you were a librarian you would lose your job due to the automation and you would have to get another job quickly. Same thing with being a telemarketer and a receptionist. You might also start struggling a bit whilst looking for a new job.

If you had a job like a doctor or a shop owner, remote working wouldn't be possible at all. Being any of those jobs include coming in to the hospital or opening your shop. These jobs include physical touch. You can't go on a internet meeting and give anybody medicine or provide anyone food.

Gig economy might also be another problem. If you were part of working in the gig economy, you would keep getting different amounts of money everyday. You would also probably have a really tight schedule since you have about four jobs.

Some people might think that the pandemic is a good thing for the future of work because you can stay home and do all the work you need to do online instead of traveling for almost an hour everyday.

This is all for the predicted future of work and I hope you enjoy reading it.


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