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Since the start of the pandemic many aspects of our life have changed. One of the main changes is how we carry out our professional job. It becomes more common that people opt to do more than one job instead of doing just one full time job. Some companynies have also replaced humans by machines in the low skilled jobs however I will focus more on how more and more people are chosing to work from home or what we call remote working. I will discuss whether it is a positive thing or not and how people may decide to adapt this way forever.

I have decided to interview a couple of people to find out how they feel about Remote working. First of all lets start off with Bryan Cider age 34 from east London who is a teacher,"Personally I have had a tough time trying to teach the college students since they are not familiar with zoom technology and we had get the message out to them. Soon enough we resolved this problem and started schedueling zoom classes for weekly lessons. Although we did this it never had the same vibes of a room of energy and fun and more importantly the social interaction with one another." The next person we interviewed was Jhonny mclaren aged 49 who lives in sheffield who is an office worker, "For me I am loving the life of Remote working because I have been feeling happy unlike when I am in the office I am stressed and all I can think about is the clock ticking away. I also have been performing better and have been chosen for several awards. So I am feeling much happy when I do remote working so I wouldn't mind at all if this keeps on going.

As you can see people have different oppinions about this new way of doing their jobs however those who are in favour think that there should be some ways to make it more productive and less stressful on their welbeing. For example they are saying that their bosses should provide them with regular training and guidlines to make their work more manageable and easyto perform without putting them under too much pressure. They are also saying that they need constant contacts with their colleagues and boss in order to not feel isolated. They also like the flexibility of the homeworking but because of the too many responsibilities like in helping their children with their homeworks and other responsibilities they believe that there should be some emotional support in order to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the many tasks they have to do everyday.

Personally I think that even after the pandemic finishes some people may consider this remote working as a good alternative for office work because it may be more convenient to them espacially if they introduce the good strategies and the emotianal support I talked about about above it may be a permanant shift. So instead of remote working being a temporary change it may result into it being a permanat one in the future.


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