What do you think is the most important job during COVID and and why?

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What do you think would be the most important job during COVID and why

For me I think the most important jobs during COVID would be a Nurse, a Teacher and the Prime Minister.

I think Nurse is an important job because if we didn't have Nurses no one would look after us when we are sick. This job would be very important during COVID because if we had no nurses there to help to cure us and look after us many more people would die. They are very brave and would be willing to help us even when they are at risk.

I think Teachers are important because they help educate us and young people are going to be doing the jobs of the Future. I also think that without teachers we would not have been learning during COVID and we would be very behind. Maybe a Teacher will educate someone who finds a cure for COVID and tell us a bit more about the virus.

The Prime Minister is an important job during COVID because he has been making decisions to protect us and give us a lower chance of catching the virus. Without the Prime Minister more people would have caught the virus and died. He also makes the rules for us to follow.

These are some of the jobs I think are important during COVID what do you think?

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