What is Stereotyping and how does it affect jobs?

Stereotypes. A topic that aggrivates modern society to this day. It has been here for hundreds of years, and no one has done anything about them. Why don't we start now...

What is the meaning of Stereotype?

The meaning of Stereotype is- a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

What are some examples of Stereotypes?

Some examples of Stereotypes are:

  • Girls liking Flowers & Boys liking Gaming
  • Girls as Nurses & Boys as Doctors
  • Boys liking Blue & Girls liking Pink
  • Girls Working from Home but Boys out at Work

Stereotypes can be harmful to children and to adults. These can put you off becoming what you want be when you are older & just plainly being yourself. I have had many Stereotyping in my life already, but I block it out and just be myself, no matter what anyone else says. I want to be a lawyer when I'm older, but that is considered a 'male' job. However, I am not going to let that stop me from pursuing the dream and role I want to do.

What has jobs got to do with Sterotyping?

Jobs can be very stereotyplical and can can the whole course of my life if you let peoples thoughts control you. A few months ago I thought that Nurses could only be women & Doctors can only be men. But now I know men can be nurses & women can be Doctors, i can be very easy to stereotype something without even realising.

I hope everyone at BNC has enjoyed my first discussion starter. Please comment down below on anything you know about Stereotyping, and I will use it in the next article.


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