What is the best way to work at home or outside??

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I'm decisive_redcurrant and this is my post hope you enjoy it

Now Because of coronavirus jobs and workplaces have started to shut down because of the huge pandemic that is happening now(coronaviruS)

This has had a very big impact on lots of people in the world because they might not have enough money to pay the rent or even to buy food which is really sad!

This is only because the government are refusing people to go to work and this is because they want people to not catch the virus and to keep safe from the virus.

Now in my opinion, the Best and possible way to work at home is.

Firstly, If you have a very umpostant meeting or a very important call and let say you have pet and children at your house to prevent them making noise in the background you could find a room that is quite and make sure there's no background noises so then you give the caller a sense for them to come back to the company again!

Secondly, what you could also do is- post by Mail. I know posting by Mail is a bit weird but this could really help some people for example if I couldn't call someone because I didn't have a phone I could of asked someone on the road if they could give me some advice and if they had a lot of advise for you they could post it to you so them you know the spent time on it and they are very helpful.

What you could also do is !

Thirdly, you could ask someone on the road for advice and make sure it the right advice I know this sound a bit risky but aid you were to do that make sure your wearing a mask of something that substantial and sutible and will keep you safe from the virus if your not sure if someone giving you th wrong advise you could try and reasearch for it and learn more about what they told you and see if it true or no.

The best way To work at home is that you could do it at home that way you aren't giving a by one the iris or aren't getting incontact with the virus.

Thank you for reading my post


have a lovely day 🥺☺️

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