What jobs should robots never replace?

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In this post I will be thinking about what jobs robots should never replace.

However, first of all I would like to mention that if robots did all the jobs, we would not need money and the world would be a scary and chaotic place to live. For example, if you had a robot builder and it had a problem in its system then towers would fall on top of you and hundreds would die. Also if you had a robot looking at you then I would feel very scared.

Back to the point, I personally think that some jobs are too risky to be replaced by robots.

Here are my thoughts:

1. A Builder (like I said if builders were replaced and there was even one error, buildings would

fall down).

2. A Doctor ( I think doctors should use robotic tools however there should be a human using them).

3. A Prime Minister (It is simply too risky to let a robot make all the decision).

4. A Taxi Driver/ Bus Driver/ Pilot/ Train Driver ( Again, if there was a error, then the mode of transport would be destroyed with the passengers).

5. A Chef ( it might sound weird but a lot of illnesses go into the mouth. If a human made a mistake it would know; however robots would not realise.

If you have any other ideas, please tell me in the comments!


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