What will work look like in the future?

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Hello, I am protective_dusk, and I am here to debate on "What will work look like in the future?"

It is fascinating to work, we all go to school, and people attend to jobs. But, if we look into the future, people will still have to work. So what will it look like?

In the past ten years, digital transformation has changed the world at an unepreciated rate. Artificial intelligence has displaced millions of workers, making once-flourising industries obsolete. In the future, people will also probably start to get to work in different ways to.

Reasons how people might get to work in the future:

1. People will go to work in electric, and possibly solar-poweres cars.

2. New trains will start to come out, so they will be a lot faster, and a lot more economical.

3. Hoverboards might be invented too, instead of skateboards.

In the future, work will be a lot more digital, and there would be more self-working computers and tech. Sometimes, you might think that way into the future, people will not have to work, because there would be too much advanced technology. Also, people would have to work harder with their jobs as the world is getting more packed and busy, so people would have to work harder to earn the money they need, and serve all their customers in good time, without any delays.

Thank you for reading my post!

Look forward to seeing your opinions and comments!


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