What would happen in the future if we carried on working from home/didn't carry on?

Hi I'm upbeat_acorn and this post is about what would happen in the future if we did carry on working from home and what would happen if we didn't carry on.

What would happen if we did carry on?

Since lockdown alot of the world have been working from home. At the start of Covid-19 I have also had some experience with working at home but I am back at school now. However, some people are still worling at home and it may be pernament. In my opinion, I think in the future people would just be in a routine of waking up later than usuall and open up the laptop/computor. I also think that the workers wouldn't always be in their work space, I think they would only go into their work rarely. In the future , I think that for schools alot more online work would be given out rather then in hand. I think this because most schools are already doing this so maybe they will just get used to it. Maybe for shops alot more online shopping will be done rather then in hand.

What would happen if it didn't carry on?

I am back at school so the only online work weare doing is homework since the teachers cant hand out sheets unless it is important.If remote working didnt carry on I think for many people it would be unusual because we have been working from home since March so lots of people are used to it by now so it would be hard to get out of the routine of doing online work and washing our hands constantly. I think if working from home ended then alot of people would be back in their work spaces not caring about social distance or ventalisition. In my opinion, I think alot of people would be back in shops to shop till they drop. I also think that if remote working ended alot more germs would spread.

Pros of Cons if it did carry on.


  • Less germs
  • Comfort from your own home
  • More time to spend with family
  • Food whenever you want
  • Drinks whenever you want
  • Can work and online chat with friends
  • More spare time


  • Unhealthy
  • Not leaving the house that often
  • Not that much exercise
  • Might get distracted
  • Might not produce the best work you can
  • Might get too carried away with chatting with your friends
  • Wake up too late
  • Not in the mood

Pros and cons if it did stop


  • See friends and reletives in person
  • Not stare at a screen for most of the day
  • Get more exercise
  • Get fresh air
  • Not sat down all day
  • Keeping control of what you eat
  • Getting up earlier in the morning


  • More germs
  • No social distancing
  • Waking up too early
  • Too much touching
  • Having to wear uncomfy uniform
  • Traffic if you have a car
  • Getting ready at the crack of dawn

Thank you for reading, this post is all my own opinion but I would love to hear what your opinion is and if you think Remote working is better or not woriking from home.


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