Why jobs are important?


Jobs are important because you earn money, you can buy things you need, pay your bills, your child's school and to have a place to live in and basically do things you want to do. Without money you can`t do much!

Some jobs are more important than others for example a doctor save lives where as a photographer, take photos of people but this makes memories. All jobs are important in their own way, when you work you learn more things and develop different skills. All jobs are different some are more stressful than others. Having a job is important but being happy is the key.

I think its not about how much you get paid I think it`s about how much fun you have like a Zoo keeper they get paid around 20,000 to 25,000 thousands pounds but it`s a brilliant experience and could provide job satisfaction than other careers.

Your first job may not be the type of job you have in mind but you can still use it to gain experience and progress, after a few years you can change to a more challenging or demanding role.

When you first starting your career, starting at the bottom of the 'career ladder' is always the best way to go. The knowledge and experience you build from working your way to the top will benefit you in so many ways. Your growth mindset is a hidden skill that everyone has and by using this, you can learn and achieve more than you realise.

Everyone knows that you need to work to get money. But you can also make money by sellping cupcakes, brownies or even old clothes and ornaments.

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