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''Hello and welcome to the BNC news!

It's Chatty_philosophy. As you you know March 2020 took a big turn on our lives as we all enterd natainal lockdown. people were having to adjust to the new normal. Almost all of us had to start working from home. But for some that was imposibel and that completely changed the future of work. And when you think of work what do you think of ? For most it's money,welth and fun. Some people may love there job and others may hate it. But everyones opinion changed when covid-19 hit. It effeted lodes.

Right now we are here with Amy a online small bussiness owner.

She started her shop in 2019 and she did'n get meany sales.''

"Hiya it's Amy when lockdow hit all of the sudden my sales went up. I think it's the fact that every one was at home online shopping."

"Were there any difficulties?"

"As usual yes, of cores there were one of the hadrest ones was getting all the packidges to the post and making sure they all arived."

"Ok Amy thank you for that."

''As you can see covid-19 has had a big impact on people.''

"Now I am here with a restaurant owner."

"Hiya im the owner of a local restaurant . Most people could start working from home but for me that was impossible."

"Thank you for that."

''Thats all from the BNC news if you would like to read more about this topic visit hpps/:bncnew/.com like to read more about this topic visit hpps/:bncnews/.com

Thank you for tuning in thats it for now bye.''

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