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Different types of jobs

  • Singer
  • Cleaner
  • President (Queen /King)
  • Docter Nurse Vet
  • TV Star
  • Hairdresser
  • Shop Kepper
  • Bus driver /Driver
  • BNC owner
  • Acter / Director
  • Player
  • Footballer

So these are some jobs people could do. So can you think of what is the most important job and why (Of these above).

I think the 2 post important jobs is a President (King /Queen) and as I always say a Docter/ vet/ nruse. The reason I think a President is a important job is becaus3 you look after the world and look over peoples voices. They make the right choises (sometimes bad) and they do thing for the country to help.And if you read some of my others posted there's some reasons why a Docter is a Important job.

Why do we have jobs

The reason we have jobs is for money and to lead us somwere good in life. It helps us get smarter and a bigger opportunity for youth do things you wanna do.It can also help other people as well as you like if you were a docter you could help people if you were a singer you could help people,bye singing for them. A little job can make a big smile on someone's face, as well as yours.

Back to you

Because you have now read my post make sure in the comments your write what is the most important job (the jobs I put up at the top) . Feel free to ask some questions and the BNC people will answer.

I also wanted to say well done everyone with a star comments and posted people have been doing. Keep it up WELL DONE

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