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Dear Helen Jones,

In hong kong there are riots all over the streets .

In hong kong they have been protesting on the streetsfor 4months because china has broke a promise that they made with britian in 1997.britian had been ruling hong kong for 150 years and they decided that if they hand hong kong over into chinas hands that they promise that they will keep it a democracy but they have broke that promise that they made and now that they have broke that promise .also china isn't letting them pick there prime minister like we can vote for our prime minister but hong kong can't because china picks it for them and it is fair because we can vote or should i say pick our prime minister that we want .also when you are in work or i am in school someone could be getting rushed to hospital or in hospital because they have been hurt by the rubber bullets that the police are shooting at them to try to stop them or the gas that they are throwing at them when they have no gas masks on to also make them stop.did you know that china are sending police from china over to hong kong to put barriers at the top of streets so they can't go any further down the streets and i don't find that is fair because what if there was a shop to get food from down the rest of that street .so me personally i think that is really unfair because they might not be able to get food to look after their family and children.

From the loyal_peach.

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