A letter to Ed vaizey about the issues in Hong Kong

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Dear Ed Vaizey,

I am writing to persuade you to let Britain intervene with the protests in Hong Kong. We of the BNC are concerned about the danger to citizens in that city. Here are some reasons I believe we should attempt to try and calm relations down in China and Hong Kong.

Firstly, protesters are in imminent danger of being injured or even killed. You will recently have heard that a student was shot dead. For the safety of the people who inhabit Hong Kong, we ask for you to persuade parliament to assist Hong Kong.

Secondly, we at the BNC have a theory that this could be the starting shot in a war. I know that it seems like a long shot, but it is highly possible. We know that police are willing to use live rounds against protesters, which is horrifying.

Thirdly, this war could get us involved. And if we do, UK citizens could be seriously injured or killed. And then other countries could suffer the same fate.

For all the above reasons I believe we should get non-violently involved with the problems in Hong Kong and China for the safety of those citizens and our citizens.

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