A letter to Ed Vaizey to try and get the British government to intervene in the Hong Kong crisis

Dear Ed Vaizey

Please can you ccontribute to the stopping of the dreadful protests happening in Hong Kong. This will help many lives, especially after the death of the young protester. You can help stop these problems by stopping the Chinese goventment from the tranny they are causing such as, braking the rules that they came up with! What I am trying to get out of that was please can you stop China from creating unfair rules as only bad things are coming from it and the world (especially Britian after the whole Brexit episode) doesn't need any more bad stuff. Imagine If you were a Hong Kong citizen would you want a country to come and help you?

I hope you take this very seriosly,

From, Grateful Blackcurrant

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    15 Oct 2019

    Thanks for submitting a Final piece. Did the protester die? Where is your evidence of this?

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