A letter to Mr Gove

Hammond school

Badger Drive



gu18 5ts

49 Marsham st




Friday 25th october 2019

Dear Mr Gove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond school I lightwater surrey, which is part of your consituency in surrey heath .I am writting to you whith regads to the terrible political crisis that is currently going on in hong kong .Im sure you will agree that a resaluition to the situation must be found as soon as posibal , as many innocent people suffering I strongly belive that it is an resporsible to interveen and help he resident of hong kong return to a state of peace free of china awful influence.

Humman rights

Firstly in 2015 five hong kong booksellers who sold boockks that were critical of Chinese leaders vanished and some of them ended up in a Chinese prison.This shows how much China are taking over Hong Kong.Most people in Hong Kong identify as being from Hong Kong rather than from China and 71% say that they do not feel proud about being Chinese citizens.This point is telling you that they dont like the way China is treating Hong Kong.

Are Hongkongers being treated fairly ?

In the agreement that was singed China and Britan both promise to make shore that there was of live and the econmy in Hong kong remain unchanged until 2047 , this showes that even thought it is 1 country 2 systems China have broke there promise.A foreigh gounalist was reachently kicked out of Hong kong because he held an event that the Chinese govermennt did not like. This shows how much China are takeing control on what Hong kond are doing.

To sumires it is clear that Hong kong need us to step in and help in this situation .How do you feel about this ?

Your sincerely kind_seagull

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