A letter to Mr Gove

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Hammond School

Badger Drive



GU18 5TS

Mr Micheal Gove MP

49 Marsham ST




Thursday 24th October

Dear Mister Gove

I am a year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater Surrey, Which is part of your consitituency in Surrey Health. I am writing to you in regards to the terrible Hong Kong pollitical crisis. As you are aware china has broken their 1 Country 2 Systems deal and many people believe we should intervine with the Hong Kong crisis, yet I belive we should not intervine with the crisis.

Firstly, if we intervine, china could cause a war as they own the largest army in the world. That would put Britain in grave danger of having to fight chinas army. would you want that to happen?

Secondly, china is a good friend to us and if we intervine, we could ruin our trades with them. If we intervine , it would be incredibly detrimental to our survival.

From the evedence above, I belive we should not intervine with the Hong Kong crisis. China could very well attack / cause a war against Britain and we almost definately would lose to them.

Yours sincerly


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