A letter to Mr Gove

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Dear Mr Gove

I am a student at Hammond junior school in Lightwater ,Surrey which is a part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong crisis as China is inforsing laws on Hong Kong .

I think that we need to intervene because Hong Kong ar not able to rely on China. China is continuesly attempting to take over Hong Kong .I strongly believe that intervening is the wright decision as China are taking away all of the Hongkongers freedom .For example; the Hong Kong govenour was unfairly elected by China and China has also meddled with other elections.

China has taken over Hong Kong but Hongkongers feel that they are still separate from China and they are not China citisens .However 99.9%of trials in China have ended in conviction.There has been a report that a journalist from Hong Kong disappeared and reapered in China.

On the other side, China has the biggest army in the world and they can easily attack Britian orHong Kong.Many things that we buy are all from China as we are large trading partners with them .That are all reasons to not intervene but if we do without using our army then we might avoid everything being destroyed. What do you think? Furthermore, in 1997 we signed the Sino-British joint declaration to give Hong Kong back to China so they may be annoyed.

In conclusion I hope that you can suggest doing something about this problem in Hong Kong.

Yours sinserly


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