A letter to Mr Gove

Hammond School

Badger Drive,



GU18 5TS


Marshhams ST,




Thursday 24th of October 2019

Dear Mr Gove,

I am a year 6 studentat Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath.I am writing to you with regards to the dreadful political crisis that is currently going on in Hong Kong. I am positive that you will agree that a resolution must be found.Across Hong Kong innocent lives are endangered therefore, I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to intervene and bring peace to Hong Kong.

Everyone has human rights, do they not?In China courts are run by governments , therefore ,citizens of Hong Kong feel that the new law would let China unfairly target people.In addition to this, 99.9 % of the people put on trial are found guilty!Did you know that newspapers and TV chanels are controlled by the goverment,but also websites like Facebook and Google are band.

In the past,Hong Kong was never as democratic as it is now, due to the fact that for over 150 years Britain ruled Hong Kong.This arrangement brought peace to the citizens of the small democracy as they settled.But,decades later, Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in agreement of the one country two systems deal in 1997 until 2947 -50 years.

In summary,it is crystal clear that intervening in the crisis is the best option to redeem Hong Kongs survival. In the process, I hope this would not cause conflict or encourage China to use their military force-as they have the biggest in the world-but give Hong Kongers their human rights back. Furthermore,it would be most appreciated if you could inform other members of parlaiment their options,but also what's best?

In no further detail, I wish to hear your response at your earliest convenience.

Thankyou for your time,

Yours sincerely,


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