A letter to Mr Gove

Hammond School

Badger Drive



GU18 5TS

Mr Michal Gove

49 Marsham Street




Thursday 24 October 2019

Dear Mr Gove I am a year 6 student at hammond junior school in lightwater, surry , which is part of constituncy in surry health. I am writting to you whith regards to the tereble political crisis going on in hong kong. We need to find a way to resulve this, but if we do it the wrong way we will proberly start ww3 but Britain needs to interveine! People in hong kong who make books that are banned in china will get arrested. some famous book writters disapeared in hong kong and re-apeared in jails in china. And if get tooken to coart in china only 000.1% of people are not found guilty!

Britain need to interveine as hong kong is in crisis and we need to something about it beore hongers cant do anything. If you get arested you get these handcuffs on which get tighter and tighter until you ither loose your hands of you circulatry of blood in your hands.

In conclusion , britain should interveine and give back the human rights of the hong kongers as china has broken its one country two systems. Do you think we should interveine? well if you do i would love to hear back from you.

your sincerly


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