A LETTER TO MR. GOVE : the Hong Kong crisis

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Dear Mr. Gove

I am a year six student at hammond school, in Lightwater, which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you regarding the Hong Kong crisis. China has been trying to break its promise to Hong Kong by slowly influencing it's political system. I think think this is unacceptable and atrociously horrible. It's a disgrace. Whats your view?... Due to Brexit I have not heard your view, I would be grateful if you could share it with me, and should we intervene?

I believe Britain should not intervene as our economy will suffer greatly. This is due to the fact that that China makes our economy stinger because of course he countless products they trade with us. We could risk our finance if we take the inappropriate action (intervening) and could have the Chinese government onto us. To sustain our vital trade links with China, I genuinely to think that we will have to not intervene. Coinciding with this, Brexit, disaterous Brexit which will ruin our country and shatter our economy is enough for the uk right now.

Another reason the uk should not intervene is that China as the biggest army in the world and if we intervene, as listed earlier, the Chinese government would be onto us, and probably but not hopefully, unleash their Army, Navy and Air Force onto us. I think this because China is known for its anger eg: US trade war and the multiple other times in the past. Adding to this, as mentioned before Brexit is enough, one huge problem is enough, along with billions of other small problems. Its true. I won't start on those though.

The Chinese media can influence the reputation of our country by producing 'UK hate', 'British bad' newspapers, column magazines and any other form of mass communication if we intervene because the Chinese government has control over the media and so if they get angry at us they can start humiliating our country.

Summarising my view, I clearly believe the UK should not intervene as it will humiliate, destroy and shatter out country's economy and wellbeing, through media, military and many other ways. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to to listen to people like me and take into consideration my views.

It is extremely appreciated that you have speeded your valuable time on reading my letter to you. Have a wonderful day and please give more action on climate change, it is not a enough. Remember you represent me and everyone in this constituency.

Please do not fail to deliver.

yours sincerely,


Hammond sch. Y6

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