A letter to Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove

I am a year 6 pupil at Hammond School, Surrey which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you about the Hong Kong crisis and how people don't have their human rights and freedom of speech.

As you know, the Hong Kong crisis is becoming a serious problem, however I strongly believe we should not intervene. My reasons will show this view below. I am certain you are aware that China is a massive trader to us, and so if we were to intervene, China would get angry and possibly stop trading with us and with Brexit on the horizon, the economy could be effected and effect the amount of job opportunities. Which would mean people won't be able to get money and this is a huge concern to our nation.

I am sure you know that China's army is the biggest in the world, and that if we intervene, they could attack us and we wouldn't be able to defend ourselfs. And this could be the beginning of a war, which would impact a loss of the population and homes to live in.

In conclusion, you can see that I believe that intervening in the Hong Kong crisis would be catastophic to the UK. Do you really want our trade deals to be broken? I am certain that most of the UK's citisens would not approve, and it isn't your responsibility to run a country in a good way.

I really apreciate that you have taken the time to read my letter and I hope to hear a response at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerly,


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