A letter to my local MP

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Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to convince you that we should help Hong Kong and I’ll tell you why you should take my steps. I am aware that you know that the current situation in Hong Kong is a disaster whilst innocent people are getting injured when they are just trying to help their area to take their human rights back. The Hong Kong’s parliament houses are getting destroyed, people are being shot with rubber bullets, people have been throwing gas bombs, and to make the situation even more terrible by policemen throwing rear bombs to blind people for a minimum amount of time, but long enough to make them feel bad. They just have to fight and attack each other or injure really badly and they are not allowed to do it peacefully!

I will tell you more about why you should follow my instructions. Britain and Hong Kong have had a history together for a century and fifty years and we have helped them to get man human rights! We were like soulmates for a very long time and we need to help them. We have also signed the ‘one country two systems agreement’ and China has broken the promise! If your still not sure about if we should help or not, here is a fact to support my opinion. Many people have been injured and about eight people have been killed which is a tragedy! Would you ever break a promise that could change a life for another country? We need to act now as soon as possible!

Don’t you depend on peace in a city that we once changed to be wonderful? If we help Hong Kong, they could have a normal life and be a beautiful city as before and not one that nobody would like to live in. They could have as many human rights as they would like! Isn’t life an important thing for you?

Don’t you depend on human rights and people to have the right to follow and have as many human rights as they need? You can go with your opinion and not help if you don’t want to help.

Yours sincerely,


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