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Dear Dr Rosena, Allin-Khan,

I am inspiring_penguin from the Burnet News Club at Graveney School. You will have probably heard of the mass protests currently taking place in Hong Kong. This is because China has broken the agreement that stated they would not interfere with Hong Kong's laws or democracy until 2047 but they are now threatening to take back rule. So now we are left with the pressing issue: Should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis?

On the one hand, China has broken the agreement that we created leaving Hong Kong in outrage as many do not agree with China's dictatorship or their human rights record. Many of these protestors are also going to extreme lengths to get their views across resulting in multiple injuries and deaths caused by the police; they are using tear gas which can be extremely painful to your eyes and cause breathing problems as well. Furthermore, in 2015, five booksellers in Hong Kong who sold books that were critical of the Chinese government vanished and some ended up in prison. If China were to take back rule, these treatments would grow.

However, the question is: If we were to intervene, how? Britain and China are massive trading partners, with Britain importing £42.6 billion worth of goods from China. We also work together currently on projects making sure there is enough food in the world. War may also be a bad idea because China does have the biggest army in the world, and they have access to nuclear weapons. This could potentially kill millions worldwide and highly disrupt our economy.

I personally believe that we need to help Hong Kong as they are really suffering and need someone to listen to them. I do not think, however, that violence is the answer as it can result in unfixable damage to our nation. One way to solve this would be to stop trading with them as they also need us as much as we need them, or Britain could simply arrange a conference to discuss ways forward. I hope you consider my idea!

Yours sincerely


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