A letter to my local MP

Dear Mr Gove

I am a Year 6 student at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong crisis. As you know Britain promised the 1 country 2 system act and said it would remain unchanged until 2047.

As things stand, the Hong Kong crisis is getting to hard to deal with.But I believe that we should not intervene. Lots of people are criticising the government to stop this with awful evidence. I know you may be questioning why I believe we should not, though my reasons will demonstrate this view below. I'm am sure you are aware that China is a huge trading partner to the United Kingdom, in 2016 alone we gained £42 billion through trading partner with them. If we were to sever all ties with China, due to intervening, this could have a drastic effect on our economy and with brexit on the horizon, we are unsure what will happen with our trade links to the EU. That could take away half of our food in the UK. Therefore, it is vital that we remain impartial and sustain our trade links even more than usual.

In conclusion, it is clear that I believe that intervening in the Hong Kong crisis would be detrimental to Britain's survival. I don't think much British citizens would want our country to fight. China have the biggest army in the world and are very powerful in terms of protect. Furthermore, I believe that you should advise the rest parliament not to intervene.

It is greatly appreciated that yout have taken this time to read my letter and I hope to hear a responce at your earliest convienience.

Yours cincerly,skillful_skill

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