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Dear Michael Gove,

I am a Year 6 studet at Hammond Junior School in Lightwater, Surrey which is part of your constituency in Surrey Heath. I am writing to you in regards of the Hong Kong Crisis. Recently there have been protests about how China is tightening its grip on Hong Kong. It all started when China made a new suggestion and that anyone who did something wrong they would be sent to China to be put on trial.

At school we have talked about it and seen it on the news however l think we should not intervene because China think is one of the UK's biggest trading partners and if China think that wear afending them then they could stop trading with us. We can't really intervine with them because Britain gave Hong Kong back to China in 1997 and signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration which ment China and Hong Kong would be one country two systems. But as the years have gone by China have slowly breaking their promise with Britain and making Hong Kong even more of a comymnist country hen it is with China at its peak.

Also China have one of the biggest army's in the world so we don't want this drplastic army terra rising this country do we? No l thought so. So if wear going to do something then we should do it through words not fighting otherwise lots of lives would be lost and it would be detrimenta. On the other hand there have been atacks from the police with tear gas and rubber bullets due to this there have been mager ingeries, some even fatal.

ln conclusion to this, we agreed a deal that has now been broken and if we don't go in with the army , we should have the government renegotiate a deal, China have one of the biggest arm in the world, so that is another reason to use speech rather than war.

Thank you for reading this letter and I hope you respond back as soon as possible .

Yours sinserly


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