A letter to my MP

Dear Helen Jones,

I am writing to you because of the protest in Hong Kong. This has left Britain many questions about if they should intervene or not. Many reasons have been explained and considered about the UK getting involved. Also people in Hong Kong cannot wear masks to protect them.

The current situation

The current situation in Hong Kong is that China has broken a promise – they should be promoting a one country, 2 system rule, but they are not doing this. Also China has been taking people’s rights away from people in Hong Kong. This all started off when the new law said every time someone in Hong Kong got arrested, they would be deported to China, instead of being tried in Hong Kong. If this did happen 99.9% of people would be found guilty.

Past involvement of Britain

Britain is involved because Britain invaded China and we took over Hong Kong. We gave people in Hong Kong fair rights and gave the freedom to do what they wanted. Since China has broken that promise it left Britain questions and we do not know what to do.

What I think should happen

In my opinion, I think that Britain should not get involved there is many reasons. My first reason is that China has got the biggest army and if we do people in China might stop trading with us. Also they might not give us things. Also we have already fell out with Europe and we have stopped trading with them.

The effect this will have

If we do something right people in China can listen to us about our opinions. The effect also China might stop trading with us and giving us things. People in China might fall out with us.

Your sincerely, fabulous_panda_bear

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