A letter to my MP (Mr Ed Vaizey) on the Hong Kong situation.

Dear Mr Vaizey,

I writing to express my interest in our country interfering in the protests and help Hong Kong stick with non-violent protests but, recently these non-violent protests have started getting more and more aggressive, so should we interfere, I will explain my views in this letter.

As I’ve already explained the protests have been getting more violent but, there is a reason for this… A person was shot, from point blank range by a round of live bullets, and he was peacefully protesting. That is not right in my opinion.

We need to interfere as this incident could escalate. I’m if Hong Kong wants to be an independent country why can’t they be.

But, on the other hand if we get involved will we cause a world war or any violence?

In conclusion, I think we should interfere as, what is we don’t? What the situation escalates? What if we should have helped but didn’t?

Yours sincerely

Composed_guitar A Proud member of FCC BNC

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