A letter to my MP on the Hong Kong crisis

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Dear Rosena Allin-Khan,

Hello, I am one of the students at Graveney school in your constituency. I am writing this letter to discuss the current Hong Kong crisis.

Why should you listen to me? At the moment, there are countless problems we have in this country. I am not blind to them. Just like any adult, I take an interest in the things that happen around me and therefore I have a right to an opinion on these matters.

Let me begin with a fact. 71% of Hong Kong citizens say they do not feel proud to be Chinese. This is hardly surprising, considering that the Hong Kong police routinely fire tear gas into the crowds of protesters. I think it is disgraceful that the Hongkongers are treated in this way but I am conflicted on how we as a country should react. Until 2047, we as a country have a legal responsibility for the rights and welfare of Hong Kong.

However, here is another fact: China has the largest army in the world. If you are anything like me, this is a scary statistic. It is also why we are presented with mixed reasons on whether or not to intervene in the Hong Kong crisis.

If the reaction of China was not important to our eventual decision on whether or not to intervene, my instinct would be to allow the Hongkongers to vote on their own political syste. I think it has been overlooked that democracy should be a basic principle.

I know that the country has a lot of things to deal with at the moment, ie. Brexit, but we need to open our eyes to the suffering and problems of other countries. We need to remember that, even though these people seem faraway to us halfway across the world, they are human beings exactly like us. I think it is time we understand that, because some people forget.

I hope you have listened to my voice and read my letter. I think it is time that we all stand up about issues that no one pays enough attention to.

Yours sincerely,


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