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Dear Catherine West,

We are writing to persuade you that you need to take immediate action in response to the ever-growing, violent protests in Hong Kong. As I am sure you are aware, Hong Kong’s people are protesting about China’s repetitive (and, in my opinion, unreasonable) interference in Hong Kong’s political systems. The protests are growing more violent by the day, with the police even using tear gas in an attempt to try and stop them! The protestors are vandalising government buildings, fighting with their oppressors and, as a result, hurting both themselves and the people around them. We implore you to act now before things deteriorate further. Who knows what the next step could be?!

Why on earth should Britain get involved with something that is happening hundreds of miles away? Well, the answer to that is simple. Britain and Hong Kong have a shared history that began when Britain controlled Hong Kong as a colony, ruling successfully for 150 years before giving it back to China. At that point, all three countries signed an agreement: a promise to make sure that the way of life and the economy stayed the same for the Hong Kong people until 2047. In our opinion, Chinese people do not have the same freedoms as those living in Hong Kong. There is censorship throughout TV and the internet, as well as Chinese people often not having the right to a fair trial or punishments. Surely you can understand why Hong Kong was so keen to maintain it’s democratic leadership and way of life rather than falling in line with the Chinese?!

It is clear now that this agreement is being broken. Therefore, Britain needs to start questioning why this is happening. And more than that, we need to start helping. It is our responsibility after all…

We strongly believe that you need to bring up this matter in Parliament as a matter of urgency, putting forward these points to ensure that the rest of the government understand the need to take action. From a personal point of you, you have the both authority and the exposure to bring more awareness about what is going on. We understand that Brexit is taking up a lot of the government’s time but it is time to think about others for a change and take a stand. People in Hong Kong are suffering and fighting and, in our opinion, there is no end in sight. If these protests continue, we can see no other route than progression towards a full-blown civil war! And you, and the government of this country, will be at least partially to blame for not helping.

If you need any further convincing, we recently read an interview with a Hong Kong citizen called Chenguang, who definitely agrees with our point of view. He said, “I think Britain should help Hong Kong. They need to step in and fight for people’s rights, as they promised to when they gave us back to China.” As you can see from this, those living in Hong Kong and having to endure the horrible situation that is occurring there are begging us to take action. Being the kind and honourable woman that you are, I am sure you will agree that we can’t just sit back and watch this unfold without feeling at least partly responsible.

If our country can offer our support by raising awareness and sending aid, then there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for Hong Kong. Please bring this to the government’s attention as soon as possible- our former colony needs us.

Yours sincerely,

fascinating_wasp and joyous_plum

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    15 Oct 2019

    Well done for submitting a very clear and well-reasoned Final piece. I like that you have given ideas and good reasons about why/how your MP can help. It would be great for you to print your letter and send it in the post - perhaps you could explain what you've been doing in the BNC to lead you to this conclusion too!

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