A letter to our MP

Dear Catherine West,

I am writing this letter with one key goal in mind: to persuade you that we, as a country, need to take action to help the situation in Hong Kong. As a country that advocates for democracy, you will surely agree that we need to stand up for their human rights and ensure these are not taken away from them. The current situation is getting worse by the day, with once peaceful protests become more and more violent. If we do not step in soon, we are convinced that the violence will become so severe that people will end up being killed. Surely that is not what you want?

I know that there are people who will say that we shouldn’t get involved at all. That there are more pressing matters closer to home, such as Brexit, to deal with. They may also say that it will sour our country’s relationship with China to speak out in defence of the Hong Kong people. However, we wholeheartedly disagree. It is surely more important to fight for what is right that to maintain a good relationship with a country who does not respect human rights?!

In addition, we must consider our connection with Hong Kong and our shared history. Don’t forget that Hong Kong was a colony of Britain up until not too long ago, and that there are many Hong Kong nationals who still live here today. Although we gave Hong Kong back to China, we still have a responsibility to ensure that the promises that were made when that happened are adhered to. The one country, two systems agreement was put in place for a reason: to protect the rights and economy of Hong Kong and to prevent freedom of speech, assembly and the media being taken away. This agreement has now been broken, and Hong Kong is at risk of losing the democracy and rights that it so values. We cannot let that happen.

If the UK are able to get involved, we strongly believe that the final outcome will be changed for the better. We have good relationships with many strong countries, such as the USA, and together we can put pressure on the Chinese government and the Hong Kong authorities to act in a humane manner to end the unrest. Simply by speaking out and telling the world that what China is doing is wrong, might be enough to put a stop to this. Another idea we have seen suggested by MPs is to put in place financial and commercial penalties to affect the money China gets. This could put enough pressure onto key leaders in Hong Kong and China to force them to search for a peaceful solution to the unrest.

We understand that our intervention in Hong Kong may come at a cost: it may irreparably ruin our relationship with China. However, we made a promise and we believe that promises should never be broken.

Kind regards,

spirited_bat and trusting_seal

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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    16 Oct 2019

    An excellent letter - based on solid knowledge and presenting three key reasons why our involvement is essential. Well done!

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