A letter to the Surrey Heath MP

Dear Mr Gove

I am a year 6 pupil at Hammond School in Surrey which is part of your constitution in Surrey Heath . I am writing a letter to you because as you know there has been a crisis in Hong Kong . And that China are breaking their promise with us and Hong Kong about the one country two systems.

As you can see the situation is really bad and I think we should intervene beacaus Hong Kong residents are also humans, there is no need to start a war with China, we can just request China to please stop this war. Even is they are one of our best trading partner. We just can request them to stop breaking their promise

If we just ask politely them to stop.If we ask them politely, they might not come in war, it is safe to intervene the chances that they will say no is 50% and the chances they will come in war with us is 5%

People in Hong Kong are struggling, having losses being guilty for no reason, never seeing there family again and can lead to chances of robber. Imagine if this happened to us, this is how they will feel

In conclusion I clearly think that we should intervene and that intervening is a good option and should ask them politely I hope you tell everyone else in the Mp my idea.

Yours sincerely


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