A-z: Hong Kong + challenge!

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Hey, guys, it's me again and today I will be doing and A-Z on Hong Kong. Without further ado, let's begin

A: Alliances

Hong Kong is a small country compared to China. Furthermore, China has much more manpower than Hong Kong.

(Sorry for the messy handwriting)! :)

B: Bullets

China has been using Guns, which shoot rubber bullets to attack people who are protesting. Furthermore, they are not respecting Human Rights, just to be clear, China is more of a restricted country than Hong Kong and does not respect rights.

C: Courage

The citizens of Hong Kong have a lot of courage, due to the fact that they are protesting violently, both in Hong Kong and in China. Furthermore, many have been prisoned due to their protesting.

D: Death

Many people who have written, protested, and done things which the Chinese government do not like normally go missing and are presumed dead. Furthermore, a few are jailed.

E: Eggs

Some people in Hong Kong have been hit with eggs, due tot the fact that they have not been protesting and are supporting what the Chinese government are doing.

F: Full

Protests have been full and over millions of people have fought for their human rights.

So I am not going to arry on as I want you all to finish it of. What do you think? Will you be able to complete my challenge?


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