ABC of Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Featured image 9

A problem that is easy to fix

Big protests are being held

China should let Hong Kong keep their old laws

Democracy is all the people of Hong Kong want

Extraditions will happen if china prevails

Force is being used and people are being hurt

Good things will not come of this

Hate is being directed at china

I know that there is a way to fix this

Justice is what the people need

Korea is like china, a dictatorship

Long protests are being held

Maybe china will soon see sense

Never should this have happened

Only china and Hong Kong can settle this

Political debates should happen in this situation

Questions are being raised on this topic

Rouge citizens are protesting for their freedom

So much unnecessary violence

To extradite is china’s goal

Using brute force is not always the answer

Violence is all that is happening in Hong Kong

When china prevails, all is lost for the people of Hong Kong

eXaggerating is all china is doing

You cannot stop to reason with china

Zombies, Chinese zombies following their leader to take Hong Kong

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