Are Graffiti Artists Burning Our World?

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Spray Cans can be a cause of Global Warming. The number of fumes that are released into the air when artists are spreading their art on walls may be what is heating our world up. This is very dangerous as a whopping amount of Co2 is released into the air. It damages our lungs, especially children's as they are still growing. Being a child myself, I think that this is wrong that innocent people have to suffer because of our illogic choices. It is already banned in countries as they are vandalising public property, which is a good way to prevent gases being released into the air. We do this nonsense for nothing really. Just money, or fun. People can survive without it, what about homeless people? They're doing quite a good job at that. So what difference would it make if we just made one simple change?

Spray Cans are killing our planet and will kill what's in it. If the average human inhales too much paint, their lungs will fail; they have consumed a dangerous amount of poisonous waste. This will block their airway and they may suffocate to death if unattended. The paint can also damage your brain cells, which means your neurons will starve and will stop getting the oxygen and nutrients they need, meaning we can't think that well, which may affect us when it comes to looking outside the box. It is also horrible to put spray art on trees. Trees help us to breathe. If we apply poisonous toxins onto it, we are harming the tree and harming our health. Every single tree cut down, is every chance of life gone. Probably by 2050, there'll be none left! Wooden clogs are part of the situation too. Would we be better if we stopped wasting wood?

Spray Cans are also made out of metal, which is made in factories that release dangerous gases into the air. Frightening amounts of soil is being extracted from the earth, which is bad for the earth's health. Metal is also a reusable product, which helps us provide strong and reusable water bottles to reduce the waste of plastic. It also helps us make the coins that we use today. Metal has its goods and bads, it is also used to make bombs, guns and material that may be used in wars. The material used to make face respirators is silicone, neoprene and rubber. Rubber comes from a special kind of tree which, again harms us also. This is unfair, as their body is being taken away from them to make useless materials. Luckily, sciencetiwts are findig out if plants have feelings, and if vegans may have to find another way eat food. Speaking of which, being vegan or vegetarian, really benefits evreyone. Less meat is eaten, meaning you get less hot, and you get healthy.

Spray Cans may be littering our oceans. If we aren't taking care of our properties properly, then they might end up in the ocean. I know, it doesn't get their instantly but people see them and are not bothered to pick them up. This is a good reason why you should be an eco-hero. One of the main rules is taking your bag on a walk. This means whenever you see an unused plastic bag, that may damage our earth more. Pick it up and start filling it up. You will make your area cleaner and your planet. There is no planet B, so let's take care of what we got now. It is dangerous to be collecting in a place with sharp shards of glass and other dangerous things. We should also stop wasting water, and use a dishwasher when we can. We're keeping the world cool, and let's let it stay that way. - Be a member of the extinction rebellion, it helps you more than it helps me.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    24 Sep 2019

    Hello memorable_orchard. This post is not about the BNC topic. Please keep all discussion to the current Issue - at the moment, posts and comments should be about Hong Kong. I can see lots of effort has gone in here, so please have a go at writing a post about the current Issue. Thanks!

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