Are the people in Hong Kong helping?

In Hong Kong, obviously, there is a lot of protesting by the HongKongers about a new law being put in. Now, you might think that I should just get on with my post and stop talking about this but I think it is important. The people in Hong Kong are angry, furious, vexed. They want someone they don't have and - if things don't change - will never have. China, being China, aren't recognising this or are ignoring it which means they obviously don't want to give Hong Kong away or stop being cruel. This is incredibly malicious of them and they are breaking the Sino-British Joint Declaration agreement which said Hong Kong would keep all the things they had when Britain ruled them and their leagal banking systems until 2047.

That is why HongKongers are protesting but I do not think it is helping or changing Chinese minds but making them more irritated and annoyed and they definetely won't stop being cruel to Hong Kong now. If the HongKongers want to have any chance of freedom they should the protests - or at least the violent ones - and maybe China will let them go with a deal with Britain.

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  • jeiya Siapno.jpg EXPERT: Jeiya Marie Siapno, Software Engineering Apprentice @ KPMG
    27 Jan 2021

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us @succinct_leaves. You stated that they 'want someone they don't have.' Can you explain in greater depth who is it they want? What role can this person play in reaching a resolution?

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