Britain MUST Help!

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I definitely think that Britain realy just has to help Hong Kong out . We must do something ! There is always atleast one thing to solve this kind of problem . Hong Kong's lives are in danger ! We must most certainly not let this kind of thing happen . While people like us are at home peacefully watching TV , there are people like them being taken to jail for simply trying to protest .

We all know that the British are not wimps . Even if China do have a much bigger army than us it is our responsability to make this stop ! We made the deal with China , we stop it (not China ) !Also, there was no reason to stop it apart from them wanting to rule Hong Kong.

It is about time Britain started thinking about other people and not just themselves.We must begin to notice how much the other countries are calling for us to help them whilst we are only caring about our selves . britain can't abandon Hong Kong !!!!

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